Indonesian Student Association UNSW

A non-profit organization with goal to strengthen the fraternity among fellow Indonesian students, especially in UNSW and introduce the diversity of Indonesian culture to every other culture in Australia.
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Frequently Asked Questions

To join PPIA UNSW, you can filling up this form and come to one of our events to get the PPIA Membership card. You can also contact us through our social media. Note that there will be joining fee of $15.

Show the PPIA membership card upon checkout in partner shop/restaurant. You can see our member benefits here

If your university does not have PPIA, then you are more than welcome to join as long as you are a student in Australia!

When PPIA UNSW holds an event, we will give announcement through our Facebook page, Instagram, and monthly Newsletter. Follow our Social Media and subscribe to our Newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything!

First Year Booklet

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Our Events Timeline

Term 1 - 2023

O-Week Stalls

PPIA UNSW is always open for newcomers as we always participate in the lively celebration of O-Week as a cultural society. Held at the start of every term, this stall stands out as we get to showcase our unique booth where minigames are played and, most importantly, where we give out freebies. Not only that, registrations for events and future committee activities can be made in these stalls.

Welcoming Event

With new students coming in every term, it is with our greatest pleasure as PPIA UNSW to welcome the new students. The welcoming event poses as a gateway event for new students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, to mingle with new friends and familiarise themselves with the UNSW campus. Trivia, games, and food are just some of the things shared during this highly anticipated event.

Project HERO

PPIA UNSW holds a 5-6 week mentoring program in Term 1 and Term 3. Mentoring groups will meet once a week where mentors share tips and tricks regarding University life. The aim is to help participants develop academic and affective skills. Groups are also encouraged to bond outside the required weekly meeting as Project HERO also serves as a platform to make new friends.

Sports Day
Sitting in class and pulling all-nighters in the library can be tiring, so for a bit of a change-up, Sports Day invites students to play a chosen sport together at a discounted price. Additionally, Sports Day can act as a significant opportunity to create new friends and meet new people. This event is usually held at the end of week 5 as it marks the start of flex-week. From badminton to volleyball, this event holds all kinds of sports.
Skuy Aja!
Ending of Project HERO!
Ngoempoel Aja!

Uni life can be tough, and we know that, so that's where Ngoempoel Aja comes in. This termly event, usually held towards the end of the term, is specifically designed for fun. Discarding the need to register and pay a fee, Ngoempoel Aja is specifically designed as an event where all students can relax, laugh, make new friends and relieve some stress before exam season starts

Term 2 - 2022

Coming soon!

Term 3 - 2022

Coming soon!

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