About Us

What We're All About

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia (PPIA) is an Indonesian organisation which consists of Indonesian university students in Australia that was first established in Canberra in 1981. Since then, PPIA has exanded and continued growing in almost every state in Australia.

Transforming PPIA UNSW into a family based Indonesian student organization that upholds self-development and channels the aspirations of members.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Creating a community that accommodates communal needs and protects the aspirations of each member.

Facilitate the capacity building and social networking of members through work programs on the basis of “from the community, by the community, for the community.”

Developing the collective potential of the organization through collaboration with various external communities.

Meet Our Committee



Meet our executives! With their great leadership skills, they keep the whole PPIA UNSW team together and motivates us to keep moving forward. They oversee our progress and make sure everything runs smoothly.



Our Events team brings in their brilliant ideas and brings it to reality! They give their 200% to ensure that PPIA UNSW’s events, both professional and recreational, runs successfully and keep you on your toes on what more we have to offer.


Creative Media

Our Creative Media team are the little birdies who will tell you everything about PPIA UNSW and build PPIA UNSW’s image. They make sure that PPIA UNSW stays relevant and catches your eye every time!


Sponsorship & Fundraising

Our Sponsorship & Fundraising team are in charge of bringing money to PPIA UNSW’s table! May it be through deals outside parties or brewing up something, they will always find a way.

Meet The Committee