About Us

What We're All About

Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Australia(PPIA) is an Indonesian organisation which consists of Indonesian university students in Australia that was first established in Canberra in 1981. Since then, PPIA has exanded and continued growing in almost every state in Australia.

PPIA UNSW aims to buld a community based on familial ties that embraces all Indonesian students in the University of New South Wales to develop their own interests and talents to be whole, intelligent, and serving individuals.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Form multiple platforms for PPIA UNSW members to collaborate and exchange ideas

Provide a medium for PPIA UNSW members to express themselves and endeavor as an Indonesian in Australia

Develop events to cultivate a sense of belonging within PPIA UNSW as a family

Ease the adaptation process of new students, as well as maintaining strong relationships with alumni to create a vast and diverse community

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