About ICON

ICON is a platform for sharing IDEAS to INSPIRE the next generation of Indonesians to make an IMPACT.

PPIA UNSW hopes to incite Indonesians to
discover their true underlying potential, enabling
to become worldwide industry pioneers
and innovators in society. By exposing attendees
to stories of success entailing both innovation
and fierce passion, we aspire to create a change
in the attendees, one that will drive them to
create enormous contributions and revolutionize
their respective fields. Through this event,
we will be able to reach the different generations
of Indonesians that currently reside in

Sydney today, both young and old, and supply
them with the courage, confidence and ideas
that will aid elevate their mindsets and abilities,
equipping them to be creators of new and exciting
changes that will spearhead Indonesia’s
development as a growing nation. The event
is essentially a conference where influential
speakers come and spread ideas, catalyzing development,
creating branching connections and
to ultimately inspire ordinary Indonesians to
create an impact through their specializations.



This year, ICON 2020 will focus on the theme “Realise the Future”, highlighting how individuals can become fully aware of what their goals are and how to achieve those goals starting from a young age. We aim to inspire our attendees to challenge the status quo, to stay hungry and not settle, and most importantly, to realise their unlimited potential.

Our speakers will come from a diverse range of backgrounds, all of whom have brought upon major change and impact onto their respective industries. Their talks will focus on the stories that have led them to where they are today, providing insights
into how individuals can step up and break out of the mould to create change.

Aside from the speakers, our team has also planned a range of pre-events that seek to explore the theme further and give attendees an opportunity to participate in the ideas of ICON 2020 prior to the actual event. These will involve a case competition focusing on the topic of “Advancing Indonesia for the Future” and other community reachout programs, providing a platform for attendees to start making a difference and delve into leaving their unique mark.

ICON 2020 seeks to inspire and empower the individual, and we hope that we can ignite a passion and drive in all our attendees to achieve something great!

Our Chosen Charity

Where our proceeds are going 

Funds raised will assist in providing treatments for children with cancer, alongside education in hospitals and also to finance activities associated with giving the opportunity for these children to have a memorable childhood. Through this assistance, we would like to support these children to also have big dreams and the courage to realise it. 

Our goal for ICON 

Our goal is to support the children with YKAKI through ICON. With support from those who believe in our event, we believe that this fund can go further and enhance the welfare of these children in Indonesia.

28 MARCH 2020



Sydney NSW 2052, Australia